Your People are Important – Let’s celebrate them!

Our BH Biz Star awards focus on the most of important part of any business – your people.

Our judges will recognise the achievements of employees from the top to the bottom of an organisation, evaluating their contribution to the workplace and their community.

Whether that is an individual at the sharp end of the business, helping to drive your business growth, or that truly invaluable star that holds everything together and makes it all work, day in day out, rain or shine.

Let’s shine a light on those unsung heroes as well. Nominate them for our Bright Star award (PS: they don’t have to know…)

We also celebrate your newer staff with the broad category that is Star Apprentice. He/she/they do not have to be an apprentice per se, they could be a trainee or a newcomer to your business who similarly has that special shine to them.

Apprentices come in many shapes and sizes, they’ll be those fresh out of school, there will be those returning to the workforce. Some might be on a short year-long administrative apprenticeship. As you’ll read about below, some will be taking several years to complete theirs, leading in some cases to a Degree, a Masters or a highly regarded professional accreditation. In addition, I know of several apprentices working in member businesses under an Accessible Apprenticeship scheme. We want to hear about all the stars you have. If a nominee has issues with mobility, we’ll see to it they can be involved, and if they are up for it, there for the big awards night.

There is only one condition: You must be a member!

You can also nominate others as long as they work in a member business.

Multiple entries in a single category

You can enter up to three different categories, but in each category you have the opportunity to make multiple entries. So if you have several ‘Bright Stars’ or ‘Star Apprentices’, tell us why they’re exceptional.

Read about what we are looking for in each of the award descriptions on our website. Our judges are looking for evidenced submissions so make it apparent what has been achieved.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Once you’re done, send the completed forms, together with any supporting evidence, testimonials and the like to Richard Cox;

Download an application form today:


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