Working with Schools

Why we work with schools

The association is community focussed. Many of the staff that work in our factories, warehouses and offices live locally, as do many of the business owners themselves. We can help immeasurably in our members’ ESG (Environment & Social Governance) by enabling them to give back to our local community.

We do this primarily with our out-reach to schools.

Apart from our members’ own ESG goals, this also facilitates a new benchmarking that all secondary schools must attain.

Of the new OFSTED ‘Gatsby Benchmarks’, Benchmark 6 requires schools to provide the following:

Every student should have first-hand experiences of the workplace through work visits, work shadowing and/or work experience to help their exploration of career opportunities, and expand their networks.

  • By the age of 16, every pupil should have had at least one experience of a workplace, additional to any part-time jobs they may have.

Our aim is to help make that happen

(STEM: Science Technology Engineering & Maths)

BHBPA has been instrumental in bringing to Burgess Hill a STEM fair for Primary School pupils aged 10 years.

This is Mid Sussex Science Week, 2022 is our inaugural year in Burgess Hill, we are working with:

  • Bolney CE Primary
  • Southway Junior School
  • Sheddingdean Primary School
  • London Meed Primary School
  • Birchwood Grove School
  • Woodlands Meed

Secondary Schools Careers Departments

We currently work closely with the careers departments of:

  • Burgess Hill Academy
  • Downlands College
  • Warden Park
  • Woodlands Meed

We encourage our members to get involved in their ‘Mock Job Interview’ mornings. These typically happen in the Autumn term.

In addition to this, we encourage our members to offer work placements for 100’s of 15 year olds each year. These are requested for July.

For this reason, following consultation from the careers departments and further input from several of our members, we can now offer an easy to implement programme for work placements.

We have given you some great ideas to help you make this happen, whether it’s a five or two day placement.

You can download Warden Park’s very comprehensive guides in the section below:

Work EXPERIENCE Employer Guide

Health, safety & insurance, Risk assessments, GDPR, Safeguarding and child protection, Expectations of employers, Expectations of students


Day by day breakdown of possible activities. We look at a range of tasks and assignments for various departments, from marketing, finance, manufacturing, HR and more...or do your own thing. We make it easy for you

parents form

An example of the form parents or carers must sign for each placement pupil. They are requested to check the details of your Employers Liability Insurance

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