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Upskilling your staff with skills and knowledge through high quality continuous professional development is key for them to excel in their roles and remain aligned to business needs. Employees with access to further education opportunities are more likely to be engaged in their work and feel valued by their employers, leading to increased productivity and improved work quality, as well as building loyalty, an increase in profit and a positive workplace culture.
Working with Chichester College Group, we can offer you a wide range of funding and training options to motivate and empower your workforce.

Programmes offered might include:

Work-based learning
These programmes, which put high quality work placements at the centre of vocational learning and recruitment, allow employers and higher education institutions to collaborate on their design and implementation while also supplying a talent pool that is in line with open positions. Apprenticeships are just one of these types of learning opportunities available.

Higher Education
Higher Education courses provide qualifications with a strong career focus and clear progression routes, making them an attractive option to employers investing in the future workforce. Courses are designed to deliver the expertise generally needed by industry, ideal for employees seeking a promotion, a change of direction, or to expand their skill set. An Access course is an alternative route into Higher Education for those who don’t have any formal qualifications or qualifications that don’t meet the standard entry requirements. Access courses develop study skills, knowledge, and confidence.

Courses for adults (19+)
To increase staff productivity, career advancement, or employees looking to obtain new skills and qualifications, you might consider a flexible professional course or even a leisure course for enrichment.
To explore how Chichester College Group can support your training requirements, contact our Employer Service team at or visit
Proud to introduce new Sussex & Surrey Institute of Technology
Businesses across the region will receive a vital boost, thanks to the launch of the new Sussex and Surrey Institute of Technology (SSIoT), in Autumn 2024.
Our focus is to address higher level skills needs in:
Engineering & Manufacturing
Digital Technologies
Construction, Planning & The Built Environment
Sustainable Technologies & Practices

With our focus on courses to address our current and future skills needs, practical learning, personalised education, industry partnerships, and entrepreneurialism, we offer a unique and engaging learning experience.
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