Work-Life Balance

How to achieve your dream of an ideal work-life balance.

Let me start by asking you, do you have the work-life balance that you really want as a business owner or Director?

If not, are you clear on what is causing the current imbalance?

If you are still seeking that holy grail position, we’ve put together some guidance and tips to help you make improvements for your future – not just for yourself but also the business.

It may sound like a fairy-tale, but those business owners and Directors who have a good work-life balance often also have the most stable and profitable businesses.

It isn’t by coincidence either…
Achieving your ideal work-life balance is not likely to happen by chance, but more likely through careful planning and the creation of processes, systems, and the development of your team.
Let’s start with come questions to identify potential causes of today’s time challenges…
Are you the only person in the business able to complete certain operational tasks and activities?
Do you have written processes in place to allow for tasks and activities to be replicated consistently and to a high quality?
Are you nervous about delegating tasks to the rest of the team?
Do you often feel its quicker to do something yourself rather than to train someone else to do it for you?
It’s an easy cycle to get into for any business owner, Director, or Manager. But you can break the cycle and here are a few of suggestions on how to do it…

The Eisenhower Matrix
The ‘Eisenhower Matrix’ allows you to prioritise tasks based on how urgent and important they are. A sales call may be important and urgent, whereas an employee review may be important but non-urgent. This will help you prioritise your time and identify what tasks need to be delegated.

Quarterly planning
This isn’t just about launching a new product, achieving a certain number of sales etc but rather to take you out of the day-to-day activities and determine what you can realistically do to make meaningful progress on longer term goals within the manageable future.

Work and Home parameters
Set yourself some parameters around how you allocate your time. A balanced diary, where you allocate an achievable amount of time to the different roles you fulfil in the business (finance, team development, operations, sales, marketing, etc), helps you prioritise and ensure everything is in balance. There is little value in spending lots of time on sales if the systems are not in place to deliver on them – so balance is key between home and work, and between the different roles you play in the business.

I hope this has been helpful to you and given you some useful tactics to improve your work-life balance.
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