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A boutique law firm in Haywards Heath.

Hi all! I’m David Cole and I own and run a boutique law firm in Haywards Heath called Cole Francis Solicitors.

David Cole

I specialise in intellectual property and branding law, which means I help clients protect and enforce their trade marks, copyright, designs, and confidential information.

I provide commercial, specific and timely legal advice to clients and brands across the manufacturing, engineering, technology, construction, hospitality, consumer goods, and retail sectors.
I handle both the arguing side (appearing before judges in court disputes) and also the drafting side for clients on their business or branding issues.

My claim to fame is that I acted for the designer who made the Stormtrooper helmet and costumes for the original 1977 Star Wars film, in a big court case brought against him by Lucasfilm. Basically George Lucas was trying to say that this guy couldn’t make them and sell them from his website.

Anyway, we won and the guy is now free to sell as many Stormtrooper helmets as he likes, much to Lucasfilm’s annoyance. In legal terms the case was about whether the Strormtrooper helmet could be classified as a sculpture, and the judge held that it couldn’t, so there was no copyright.
My clients now include Alco Valves in Yorkshire, Cornerstone CCTV & Fire in Stevenage, and various restaurants across central London.

I also act for businesses throughout Sussex including Flexible Machining Systems Ltd in Horsham, The Tollgate Hotel in Steyning, and various digital content creators.

I also act for clients in the Trade Marks Registry which has a self-contained mini court system for disputes about identical or similar trade marks. Sometimes it’s a case of who got there first, but not always. I’ve got a 100% successful track record there.

Anyway, looking forward to catching up with all of you, hopefully over a beer! 

Mobile: 07957 197168
Email: david@colefrancis.com
Website: www.colefrancis.com

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