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Hi! I’m Adam Holmes and I’m the owner of the red Cafe2u coffee van, which you may have seen in and around the Victoria Industrial estate, and yes, I am the one who plays ‘The Godfather’ tune. 

If you haven’t seen my van, and therefore not tried my coffee, then you will be amazed at what I can do from the back of a van. Flat White? Yes. Vanilla Latte? Yes. Oat Milk Cappuccino? Yes. Chai Latte? Yes. Hot Chocolate? Yes. A regular white coffee? Yes.

Since I started during the lockdown, my business has gone from strength to strength with lots of happy customers enjoying my premium coffees, made on site, daily. But not only that, I am getting even more companies & local schools contact me for regular ‘staff treats’ where they book me in for an hour or two to make drinks & provide treats for all their staff – a very cost-effective way to boost staff morale. This is particularly popular in the build up to Christmas, for which I am already taking bookings for!

I always have seasonal drinks e.g., Iced Coffees in the Summer and Gingerbread Lattes in the Winter and can cater for the non-coffee drinkers with fresh fruit smoothies, milkshakes & frappes. And it’s not just about drinks as I also provide a range of hot food, quality sandwiches, salad / pasta bowls, sweet treats, and snacks.  Like I said, you will be amazed at what I can fit into my van…

You all have a kettle but we all like a ‘proper coffee’ to get us through our working day. If you’d like me to start coming to your place of work, whether daily, occasionally or for a monthly treat, then please contact me on 07725 550085 or midsussex@uk.cafe2u.biz


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