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Good day everyone, I’m delighted to come on board BHBPA, I’m Vincent and I run Brainstorm.  For over thirty-five years I’ve been working where rubber-meets-road around tech and its impact. I started out using one of these chunketers co-ordinating ‘new fangled’ online help desks for various City institutions during the Big Bang.  

Vincent Murphy, MD 

I’ve remained clear-eyed but extremely passionate around the use of information ever since. Which is why I developed Brainstorm as a direct response to the unprecedented change and influence AI is having in the way we do business at all levels from strategy to customer service, manufacturing to marketing.  2023 was a good indicator of how wide and fast that direction of travel is.  Obviously, I’m wholly immersed in my subject.
Nevertheless, I noticed an increasingly common complaint from within the AI community being how difficult it’s become to simply keep pace with the sheer amount of innovation, developments, and progress. To which I thought blimey, if this is how people on the inside are feeling how the hell is any one not steeped in AI supposed to feel?

So that’s what Brainstorm is: a hub for everything AI, an independent repository for advice and information (always filtered for relevance and comprehension), an advisory service for guidance, a training provider for users at all levels of understanding, help with ethics, implementation, strategy, business impact, audits, work flow, analysis – the list is intentionally endless because AI is so impactful it’s now classified as a GPT: General Purpose Technology (thus joining the ranks of fire, language and electricity) so we simply don’t know the extent of how much of a difference it will have, as such it would be foolish for me to put a cap on what it is I can and can’t offer. I look forward to meeting you all at various networking events and I’m always happy to talk about any and every aspect of AI Examples of the services I offer are available on the Br ai nstorm website and I’m always more than happy to discuss any and every aspect and impact of AI:
07769 591591

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