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I’m Mark Alder and welcome to Anger Positive. 
Mark Alder How can I serve you?
I’m an accredited personal development coach and consultant, with a deep personal understanding of how anger and stress can have a negative impact on our lives. I help anyone and everyone to achieve their preferred best future with assertiveness, kindness and clarity.
I provide individual and group sessions, corporate training and certificated programmes for legally mandated clients. Sessions can be delivered via Zoom, in person or at a prearranged location. 

How can Anger be Positive?
Anger is simply a feeling like all other feelings and only becomes a problem when we act our anger out. Feeling angry is a gift because it holds all the information required to know why we get as angry as we do. 

Under almost every angry outburst we’ll find an unmet need or underlying feelings of hurt, sadness, fear or shame. Our natural reticence to appear vulnerable often prevents us from expressing our needs or exploring our feelings. 

Anger Management guides us to understand our own needs and express them in an assertive and healthy manner. It also teaches us to explore our feelings and how to tolerate those we find uncomfortable. 

Anger Management affords us space and time to promote better decision making ‘in the heat of the moment’ – it teaches us to respond – not react.

If anger affects your life, or that of someone you know, explore it with me at Anger Positive. 
 For a confidential deeper dive, please call 07780 977028  

Or click here: www.angerpositive.com

Everyone’s Anger is Welcome Here 

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