The Winning Workplace Award – PVL

The Winning Workplace Award 
Introducing the sponsor of this year’s Winning Workplace award

PVL takes immense pride in sponsoring the BHBIZ Award for a Winning Workplace. As a local business with a deep-rooted connection in the local community, we also understand the importance of fostering positive work environments that prioritise employee well-being and satisfaction. Sponsoring this award enables us to recognise and celebrate businesses within the Burgess Hill Business Park area that demonstrate excellence in creating supportive, inclusive and inspiring workplaces that strive for success. We believe that a thriving workplace culture not only enhances employee morale and productivity, but also contributes to the overall success and growth of the business.
By supporting initiatives that promote employee happiness and engagement, we aim to encourage other businesses to prioritise the well-being of their workforce.

At PVL, we firmly believe that investing in our people is key to building a strong, resilient, and high-performing community. Through our sponsorship of the BHBIZ Award for a Winning Workplace, we hope to inspire positive change and contribute to the ongoing development of vibrant and dynamic work environments within our local area.

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