Panattoni Park Burgess Hill

Panattoni Park Burgess Hill
A report on the site tours held earlier this week

We had two separate groups of visitors to see more of the site, to see the spaces available and the level of fit-out of a completed unit. The whole site will be completed in April and BHBPA will be holding our AGM there in March (details on that event further below).

This was some way into the tour, in the largest unit, all of 146,400 sq ft. In the far distance, against the back wall, you can just make out two workmen walking between the cherry picker and a door. All the light comes from natural light from the roof, white steel pillars help to keep things bright. Insulated to the highest BREAM standards. Mark Jackson, BHBPA Chair, made the comment that it was really encouraging that 50% of the entire site will be dedicated to light industrial / manufacturing and will not be dominated by logistics operations. 
We will be having our AGM in March either in this warehouse/factory space or in the office area above. 
Apart from the larger units we viewed, there are a number of smaller units from 8,000 to 22,000 sq ft.

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