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Hi there, my name is Tom Hosking. My business is Brighton based, but I live just up the road in Cuckfield.

So what do I do? I help business owners have a better life! I do this by helping them have a business that works even better than it does already.

Too many business owners work far too many hours (have you ever worked out your hourly rate and had a shock?), have a team they just know could be working better, or are not sure why despite all their hard work profits just don’t seem to be where they could be.

Being in business should give you more life. Applying a proven method and system to any business will make things better. The ActionCOACH ‘6-Step System’ is almost 30 years old and has made 1,000’s of great business superb, across sectors across the world. We know this system works, so much so that we guarantee a positive return on investment. If you don’t then I refund the difference.

I don’t work with anyone. Coaching is hard work, and will at times take you out of your comfort zone – which is where the magic happens. As such I have to be sure that anyone I work with is 100% committed to make things better – for their company, for themselves and ultimately those close to them.

If this sounds like you or somebody you know then I’d be more than happy to set aside some time to coach you through some sensible next steps for you and your business.
Alternatively follow the following link to take a quiz to see where in your business you may want to consider focussing on.

It only takes 3 minutes to complete and gives you a personalised report on where you might want to focus:

I look forward to meeting you all very soon. 

07973 835119 or
01273 286700

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