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How your customers, employees, and other partners experience and feel about your business is one of the most important, and yet unappreciated, factors in your success.
This does not need to be left to chance but should be intentionally designed to ensure you are the employer, supplier, or partner of choice. When people feel good about you, the relationship becomes effortlessly rewarding.

David Wales – SharedAIm

That is where SharedAim can help. SharedAim Ltd is an international consultancy that specialises in bringing an authentic human perspective to help companies create strategies, address pain points, solve problems, and improve performance. We do this using our unique Always Human® model.

A human perspective can provide new solutions and opportunities in almost every area of business, including:
Employee recruitment, retention, remote working, and retirement/leaving.
Customer experience.
Where regulations, processes, or technology (e.g. automation/self-service) risk dehumanising your brand.
Key business stages such as scaling, undertaking a transformation, collaborating with partners, or when working on projects.
SharedAim was established by David Wales, a multi-award winning professional. He has studied the influence of human behaviour and motivation for over 12 years. This began in his previous career in the Fire and Rescue Service (FRS) where he instigated and led pioneering research that remains influential internationally. And led to him becoming the first-ever FRS Customer Experience Manager. He remains active as an advisor within the global crisis and disaster sector.
He is an established presenter and author – and is currently writing a book on the importance of human experience.
David also enjoys coffee (a lot) and is always very happy to arrange an informal chat with one to see how a human perspective could help your company.
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