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Why choose Cooden – R&D Tax Specialists as your R&D Tax Credits partner?

R&D Tax Relief is complicated, the guide at HMRC covers a multitude of areas and covers several hundred pages across both the SME Scheme and Research and Development Expenditure Credit (RDEC).

Sam Watkins

To date we have claimed around £27m for companies of all shapes and sizes, our largest claim has been over £1m our smallest about £2,000, in the 10 years the company has been operating our claims have been enquired into 6 times, we have defended them all successfully and more than 99% of the costs that we have claimed have been accepted.
In fact our first ever piece of work was to help a company with an ongoing enquiry to successfully close it by examining the corporate structure and during the enquiry we noticed that the company hadn’t claimed for subcontractor costs in their claim, which enhanced it by a further £30,00
If you work with the right Tax Consultant your risks are greatly reduced, it is absolutely not risk free, but the risks are shared, but the knowledge and expertise that you gain, may not only increase the value of your claims, but it may also give you additional peace of mind.
Our “No Claim, No Fee” promise means that we don’t get paid if your claim is unsuccessful, it also means that we will defend your claim through an enquiry with HM Revenue and Customs at no extra cost.  If the enquiry is retrospective and after you have received a refund, we will reduce our fee if the enquiry reduces the value of the claim.

Whether you are an accountant wanting to add this service to your portfolio to benefit your clients, or an MD or FD wanting to see if you qualify we are here to help. If you’d like to book a no obligation discovery call click on the attached link to find a time suitable to you

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