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LVS Hassocks, London Road, Sayers Common, Hassocks, Hassocks, West Sussex, United Kingdom BN6 9HT

LVS Hassocks is a school for autistic students based in the heart of Sussex, offering day placements for young people with an autism diagnosis between the ages of 11 and 19.

Many of the young people who are referred to LVS Hassocks have encountered negative school experiences as a result of their diagnosis. This may have been because school refusal or multiple school exclusions has meant a poor quality of life for the young person with special needs and their family.

All applicants are carefully considered to ensure that the school is suitable for the young person’s age, ability, aptitude and special educational needs and that the placement is compatible with the provision of efficient education for other pupils already attending the school. At LVS Hassocks, there is a structured educational environment and an approach that focuses on developing a young person’s independence and confidence. The school equips students with the functional skills needed for dealing with everyday life, both during their time at school and in later employment.

The focus of education at LVS Hassocks is to improve the outcome possibilities for the pupils. It aims to prepare young people with autism for life in the workplace so that when they leave they have the skills and knowledge to be able to get a job and sustain employment, or they are confident enough to continue their education at college. Pupils work toward a variety of recognised GCSEs, Functional skills and Entry Level qualifications including BTEC Levels 1 and 2.

At LVS Hassocks, the students learn a range of academic and vocational skills in a stimulating environment. There is a beautiful campus which the Estates Team work tirelessly to ensure is being utilised to the full as an additional educational resource for the school. The school provides a supportive education set within a tranquil and relaxing 36-acre campus in the countryside.

In May 2024 it was announced by Buckingham Palace that King Charles III was the new Royal Patron for LVS Hassocks. This continued the Royal Patronage of his mother, The late Queen, Queen Elizabeth II. LVS Hassocks are delighted that King Charles has agreed to take on the royal patronage of the school. This follows a long history of Queen Elizabeth generously supporting the school. The school looks forward to the King getting to know the special and unique school.

LVS Hassocks is owned and managed by the Licensed Trade Charity, a charity that has been supporting workers in the licensed trade for over 220 years. The charity has also been managing schools since 1803. LVS Hassocks is also allied to another autism-school, LVS Oxford, and a large mainstream (non-autism specific) independent day and boarding school in Berkshire called LVS Ascot.



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