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FlyerTech Limited, Unit C, Kendal House, Victoria Way, Burgess Hill, West Sussex, United Kingdom RH15 9NF

Your expert partners in seamless aircraft transitions, ensuring risk-free change events.

FlyerTech, a Gama Aviation company, is an independent approved Continuing Airworthiness Maintenance Organization (CAMO) with a history of more than 22 years. Our offices are based in the UK and Poland and cover airworthiness activities on EASA, UK, Bahrain, Oman, Bermuda, Cayman, and 2-Reg Approvals for a large type variety of commercial aircrafts, business jets and helicopters.

We help lessors, aircraft owners, start-up and established airlines around the world with complete CAMO support and other technical services, such as aircraft Pre-Purchase/Pre-Lease Inspections (Records reviews or/and Physical inspection), ARC services, and Aircraft delivery services (including Ferry Flights).

AOC Services Suite: The Gama Aviation Group

Discover the power of outsourcing your fleet operations.

Provided by the Gama Aviation Group, the ‘AOC Services Suite’ is a comprehensive solution that serves as the heart of operations for airlines and aircraft operators. It provides a seamless and all-inclusive set of services for managing every aspect of fleet operations. This service enables airlines and operators to easily oversee their entire operation through a single service provider, covering maintenance, airworthiness, design, and software needs. This service offers flexible options for outsourcing, allowing operators to choose whether to fully or partially delegate their functions.

In essence, the ‘AOC Services Suite’ simplifies the complexities of fleet management, empowering operators to focus on what matters most—safe, efficient, and successful aviation operations.

Committed to fostering a culture of aviation excellence, we prioritise collaborative partnerships and continuous growth as a company. For a detailed insight into our service offerings and the broader scope of Gama Aviation, we invite you to visit our FlyerTech website.


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