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Atlas Chambers, 33 West Street, Brighton, East Sussex, United Kingdom BN1 2RE

We embrace remote working to enhance productivity and well-being, delivering exceptional administrative, technical, and creative support. Our name, Dextra, signifies ‘right-hand’ in Latin, which encapsulates our mission – to be the dependable right-hand for your business needs.

Naomi, Founder and CEO of Dextra Assist, leads a team of virtual assistants, online business managers and strategy consultants, each providing a diverse skillset from executive assistance, operations, marketing, systems, strategy and legal support.

We provide comprehensive expertise and a personalised service, ensuring that you receive:

  • Consistency and Stability: A dedicated team of professionals committed to your business.
  • Diverse Expertise: A wide range of skills and availability.
  • Personalised Service: Tailored solutions that align with your specific requirements.
  • Scalability: Flexible service options that allow you to scale support up or down based on your current needs.

Each member of our team brings unique skills, backgrounds, and networks to elevate your business beyond the ordinary.

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