Cybility Consulting Ltd (cybersecurity consultancy)

Cybility Consulting Ltd (cybersecurity consultancy)

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Contact Information
Phone: +447537133407
Burgess Hill, West Sussex, United Kingdom
We do not have office premises and typically work 100% remotely.

As leaders you already know the importance of managing risk in your organisations. On one hand information and cybersecurity are just more types of risk for you to deal with. On the other…

With every area of our lives enabled by technology in some way, when cybersecurity goes wrong – it can have a huge impact hurting both your organisation and the people you serve. When it goes right…

It can help your organisation to win new business; instilling trust with your customers, and partners.

What we do

At Cybility, we are on a mission to help society by increasing organisations’ level of resilience to information and cybersecurity threats.
We tailor our services to your organisations’ needs to provide clarity, build capability, and cultivate confidence for you, and your team.

  • CLARITY – We go beyond the terminology, helping you make sense of the complexities of cybersecurity, and understand what this means for your organisation day to day.
  • CAPABILITY – We help you build cybersecurity capability at all levels; from mentoring individuals and training your teams, to providing expertise in IT, governance, risk and compliance functions.
  • CONFIDENCE – We increase your confidence by reviewing your business processes and systems and provide you with either (a) assurance that your organisation manages security risks well, or (b) report on the weaknesses and how to fix them.

Visit our website for more information about our services and to book a free call to discuss how we can help.

Who we are

Meet Michala, the founder of Cybility Consulting, works as a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) advisor, virtual CISO, and cybersecurity consultant.  With a degree in classical music, Michala has had an eclectic career which involved founding a computer game store, managing three airport internet cafes, and spent over twenty years in IT, including hands-on technical support roles and project management.  The past decade saw her leading information governance and cybersecurity programmes for complex, medium, and large not-for-profit organisations across the UK including local government, and healthcare providers in the National Health Service (NHS) and charity sectors.

She enjoys sharing her experience with others and regularly speaks at events, podcasts, and webinars.  She contributes to work with the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre, is an advisory member of the Southeast Cyber Resilience Centre and sat on the BCS Information Risk Management and Assurance (IRMA) Management Committee.

Meet Ana, our Learning and Development consultant.  She has vast experience in designing and delivering learning experiences in diverse themes and formats, including online, blended, and face-to-face. She combines education methods with communication strategies and tools to create successful learning experiences.  She has a PhD in Creative Media and two Masters degrees: one in Communication and Education, and the other in Technological Education.

As a board gamer and video maker, Ana is particularly happy to use gamification and audio-visuals to make cybersecurity learning experiences more engaging, accessible, and widespread.

You can contact Michala and Ana via the Cybility Consulting website at

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