Along with many businesses the stresses & strains and restrictions of Covid-19 has given our friends at Newman Thomson both the time and need to reflect on their surroundings and respond to commonly shared business drivers including the pursuit of sustainability through innovation.

At Newman Thomson increased sustainability is coming about through numerous innovations and decisions. For example, their embracing of environmentally responsible measures like using Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Sourced or Recycled materials, as well as carbon balancing the paper used in the production of clients’ printed collateral.

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Other innovations include how NT is shifting towards so-called ‘print on demand’, whether using analogue, digital or a mix of the two printing methods. In short ‘print on demand’ can deliver an optimal unit cost proposition whether from one copy to thousands of copies.

Of course, digital printing not only reduces the consumption of physical materials and resources, it also allows for more targeted marketing communications which research shows enjoys a far higher engagement rate than the equivalent email messaging.

Newman Thomson is a family owned printers that moved from Brighton to Burgess Hill in the early 2000’s. It is now the largest printer in Mid Sussex.

During lockdown they’ve embraced social media distributing regular videos via Linkedin, designed to convey a greater understanding of their capabilities & processes, and their focus on sustainability.

Based on the Victoria Business Park, the team at Newman Thompson is ready to collaborate with other BHBPA members and help to re-ignite the local economy as we all emerge from the Covid-19 restrictions – only greener and more sustainably.

You can find Newman Thomson on the BHBPA Members Directory for more information.