As a result of the pandemic Jenny Weller and the team at RRPT have introduced many changes. Jenny explains…

“We have moved our face-to-face group PT sessions to live online video coaching sessions using 8×8, the VOIP video conferencing platform, which functions similarly to Zoom, but better for our  customers needs. Our 1:1 PT sessions have also switched to now take place either by live video link or outdoors, at the client’s request. In addition, we’re making good use of fellow BHBPA member MyPTHub’s app to support our members with personalised food and exercise programmes because of its powerful goal setting, progress tracking and accountability capabilities.

During November we had lots of fun when we added a Virtual Race to Space, with participants completing 100km during the month by running, walking or cycling (it’s a 100km to get into space) and just as great we raised funds for and awareness of Lung Cancer Awareness Month, and in particular ALK Positive Lung Cancer, which is a cause that is particularly close to home.

However, our biggest innovation to date is our recent collaboration with another local company based in Lindfield – Chase Wellbeing.

By joining forces with Chase Wellbeing, we are now providing a truly holistic approach to wellbeing – completely online. For example, we’ve just completed two successful online Detox programmes during January, with clients achieving in just a week up to a 9lb weight loss, up to 6inches lost from the waist and improved mental health through stress reduction, meditation, guided imagery and a product supported skincare detox, all with proper, clean nutrition too.

As a result of our successful detox programmes, we are now very excited to be launching our new combined online monthly subscription service “Chase Results”, using a private Facebook group to provide daily support from our experts with features such as #meditationmonday and #workoutwednesday, as well as guest speakers on all things Wellbeing. We also feature weekly recipes, skincare products and exercises of the month to give specific focus and encouragement, including discount offers to members across our other product ranges. Chase Results launches officially on 15th February and further details will be released soon.”

You can find RRPT on the BHBPA Members Directory for more information.

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