Hello July – A Poem from GoLark

GoLark welcomes July, pinch punch,
Holiday season’s here, thanks a bunch! 

It’s time to visit some Sussex gems,
From beaches to villages with funky emblems. 

And Surrey’s Hills you can enjoy 
Summer is here, finally, oh boy! 

Head to Sussex, we promise you thrills,
Places to walk and meander the hills. 
If art is your thing for peace and ponder, 
Then Surrey has aplenty, you need not wander. 

Just savour the vibe of beautiful July,
Hello to days out, days in say goodbye.   

The birds are in song, GoLark is now here,
It’s time to explore, this deserves a big cheer! 

Happy July from The GoLark Team
Visit our website for some inspiration on where to lark about in Sussex and Surrey.
We have wonderful hidden gems, waiting to be discovered. 
Feel free to email us at hello@golark.co.uk

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