Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

This BHBPA Working Group has been meeting regularly for the past nine months with workshops and focus groups.

This Working Group comprises over 20 members, including multi-nationals such as Collins Aerospace, Edwards Vacuum and Roche Diagnostics. They are joined by several of our most dynamic and ambitious SMEs, including Bio-Productions, Consort Frozen Foods, Ebiss, Ridgeview, Steve Willis Training and Thriiver; two law firms, Thomas Mansfield and Sherrards Employment Law, and various other interest groups, such as the Meeds Job Club and others. It is chaired and expertly facilitated by specialist EDI consultant Dr Kul Verma.

Would you like to be involved in this Working Group? We are preparing a range of useful tools and resources that will be accessible in a Members-only area of the BHBPA website later in the new year. We plan to hold a large scale ‘People’ focussed event some time in February to launch all that.

For more information contact: Richard Cox


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