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Aneela Rose of Rose Media hosted a lesson at Burgess Hill Academy last week.
The lesson subject was on logos and branding as part of their ICT lesson. 

They had touched on logos at the end of last term and wanted to take this further. Inviting an outside business person into the school would provide a real-life perspective on the subject. The school believes in the power of role models and working with the local business community.

Aneela Rose has been supporting BHA for 15 years and has been involved in speed networking with the pupils, hosting assemblies, Year 11 leaver presentation evenings and now more recently hosting an actual lesson!

This was Aneela’s first-time teaching, and she was able to share her knowledge gleaned over the past 27 years in PR, Marketing and Branding to provide insight into the real world of business.

To engage the pupils, the lesson included a ‘Guess the logo’ game where a logo was shown on screen and the class had to guess which brand this was for. It was brilliant and loved by everyone! The class came alive, they were noisy, happy, interested and fully interacting with Aneela.

“It was an utter joy and I absolutely love working with young people, it’s the most fulfilling part of the work I do, to directly influence the lives of young people. Wow. I see it as a privilege.”

The students guessed all of the logos with real enthusiasm, interest and energy, so much so that Aneela heard afterwards that they requested the lesson be continued!
The lesson also included:
What makes a brand memorable?
What’s the difference between a logo and brand?
Pupils asked to think up a new brand and then design their own logo
They were given logo ideas such as a new nutty chocolate bar, a new electric vehicle brand and redesigning the Burgess Hill Academy logo
Discuss and show their ideas to Aneela

Aneela’s takeaways:
Employer engagement with a local school benefits everyone through connecting people, school and technologies to meet common learning goals.
A connected school community brings together students, teachers, leaders, parents, outsiders to form a collaborative environment
Promotes shared learning
Increases learning opportunities for students
Provides a network of support Builds confidences
You’re not alone! Role models, inspiring the next generation of what is possible uk
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