Business Person of the Year 

We hear from the sponsor of the Business Person of the Year Award
 At Rubix VT  we recognise the invaluable contributions made by business leaders in Burgess Hill and across Sussex. Our entrepreneurs and business leaders drive innovation, create employment opportunities, and contribute to the economic growth of our community. 

By sponsoring the Business Person of the Year category, we aim to honour the dedication, vision, and outstanding achievements of our MDs, CEOs and business owners. We believe that recognising and celebrating their accomplishments not only inspires others but also helps to cultivate a culture of excellence and continuous improvement within the local business ecosystem. 

Rubix VT is also delighted to support the BH  Biz Star Awards and the work of the BHBPA, which works so hard to improve and advance the regional economy. We are proud to play a role in recognising and celebrating the achievements of outstanding business leaders.

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