BH Biz Stars 2024 – Winning Workplace & Community Champion

We’re teasing you with what will be launched in January 2024. 

We’ll have 11 awards up for grabs.

This week we introduce two more of them:

Winning Workplace.

The Winning Workplace nomination is for a company that creates a great working environment for its staff. It probably retains staff for longer because it looks after them so well; there is a buzz of social activity and it’s a place where people are happy and proud to work and are quick to say so. Staff are encouraged to support each other to get the job done; it’s a company/business that accepts mistakes are part of human behaviour; it encourages ideas and welcomes constructive criticism. It’s somewhere everyone is treated with respect.

Community Champion. 

The Community Champion is a company that recognises its corporate social responsibilities (CSR). That involvement in the community could take any number of forms. A company that offers materials to schools, or sponsors team kits for local rugby, football, or cricket teams. A company happy to give its time to support the community by, for example, allowing staff to spend a day at a hospice or other volunteer activities, or helping pack and deliver local Christmas Hampers. Perhaps you allow staff to take time out to fulfil their duties as a Trustee or Treasurer of a local charity.

Awards Sponsorship enquiries to Richard Cox or 07393 728688


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