BH Biz Stars 2024 – Here’s the big one!

All in all we’ll have 11 awards up for grabs.

We launched all of them at the CAE event earlier today.

Please follow the link to our website for information on all of the categories and download the application form:

You will have two months to complete your submissions.

Best Business of the Year – The top award for a company.

There are many ways in which your application will be given consideration. A leader in sustainability, a magnet attracting the best people, treats employees well, generates a good company ethos, one which makes its workforce proud, generous to charity, good CSR contribution and makes a good profit ethically.

However old your business you will be considered, perhaps you started up but a few years ago and are now approaching a scale up stage. You’re a successful, growing, innovative, creative company with exuberant, enthusiastic staff working well together.

Awards Sponsorship enquiries to Richard Cox:
07393 728688


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