BH Biz Stars 2024 – Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Champion & Team of Stars

BH Biz Stars 2024
We’re teasing you with what will be launched in January 2024.  
We’ll have 11 awards up for grabs. 
This week we introduce another two.
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Champion.
We are looking for inspiring positive change and a culture of inclusion and diversity where EDI is valued and a critical part of the organisation’s mission. A company that has shown demonstrable commitment to place equality and positive relations with its staff and customers at the forefront of what it does.

An organisation where the staff can raise difficult issues on all protective characteristics and promote good practice beyond compliance of the legislation. We are looking for tangible actions by all staff that celebrate the diversity of its own staff and communities around it.
Team of Stars.
A company award, or an award for a group or team within a company, who get results, perhaps smash targets, for example, perhaps a HR team who have innovated, made great changes with success, who have worked well together to move the company forward. Alternatively, this could be the entire company if you are just a small group of less than 10 people.
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