BH Biz Stars 2024 – Business Person of the Year

BH Biz Stars 2024
With only two more awards to unveil, this week we introduce one of the most coveted.

All in all we’ll have 11 awards up for grabs. 
Business Person of the Year
Perhaps this is a younger person, clearly ‘going places’; is always on the ball, challenging management with new ideas perhaps, figuring stuff out for themselves without waiting to be told or asked; the sort of employee the business would do well to hold on to. Someone on a fast track to bigger things in your business. 

Or perhaps the ultimate seasoned professional, he or she usually knows the best route to take for the business. They are someone younger staff look up to/go to for advice; they are a useful and obvious representative of the company, an ambassador for the business. This person is perhaps recognised as influential outside of the workplace, in the local business community or nationally within your sector.
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