Best Business Award

Introducing this year’s sponsor of Best Business

We are excited to be sponsoring the Best Business category at this year’s BHBPA Awards 

In our opinion this is the award to win, and the recipient will need to display many of the qualities that we at Mayo Wynne Baxter hold dear. 

The winning business will need to be a leader in sustainability, a magnet attracting the best people, treats employees well, has a good company ethos, one which makes its workforce proud, is generous to charity, can demonstrate a good CSR contribution and makes a good profit ethically. 

These business traits very much mirror our own. We understand that Mayo Wynne Baxter does not exist in isolation nor are we a firm that is simply a way of making money.
Our employees depend on our firm and our clients, suppliers and the wider local community are all affected by our firm and what we do. 

We take our corporate social responsibility seriously and take time to understand our firm’s impact on the wider world and considering how we can make this impact as positive as possible. 

At Mayo Wynne Baxter we take a responsible attitude, go beyond the minimum legal requirements and follow straightforward principles to ensure that the firm’s activities leave a positive impact on our suppliers, clients, community, staff and environment. 

We also show support for others that share this ethos, and we hope that our sponsorship of this award will help shine a light on the business excellence that exists in Mid Sussex. 

Lee Hills 
Mayo Wynne Baxter – Partner
 0800 84 94 101

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