Your Fire Equipment?

Do you know who’s responsible for the servicing of your fire extinguishers and other firefighting equipment?


Are you confused about the servicing and maintenance of your portable firefighting equipment? We are going to take the lid off and explain what you need to know and do. The Regulatory Reformed Fire Safety Order (RRFSO) requires that if you have provided firefighting equipment you should also provide training and maintain it.


The responsible person must appoint a person to carry out a monthly visual inspection (this is required by law) and this must be documented by; looking at the condition, checking the gauge is in the green (where fitted), ensuring security tag is present and there is no damage to the hose or horn. This forms part of the document suite that makes your business compliant.


Annually a qualified person carries out a basic service to your extinguishers and a Certificate of Compliance as detailed under BS 5306 must be issued. Should an extinguisher be found to be out of date a Corrective Action must be issued and a label is applied to the extinguisher that states the extinguisher needs further work carried out to it.


In the case of a Co2 extinguisher this would mean the purchase and commissioning of a new extinguisher as they have a 10 year life span and must be returned to the supplier for refurbishment. Water, foam, wet chemical and dry powder have a 5 year life span and at the end of 5 years these are replaced, or in the case of water and foam an extended service can be carried out.  This extended service requires the discharging of the extinguisher and an internal inspection of the plastic liner. If the liner is OK then the extinguisher will be fitted with new seals, refilled and re-pressurised and its life span has been extended for another 5 years – this is normally half the cost of a new water or foam extinguisher. If the liner has failed a new extinguisher must be purchased and installed immediately so as not to reduce your fire protection.


Technology has moved on and we have seen recent advances in extinguishers. Where traditionally we would see a water and a Co2 extinguisher together we now see just a water. Jewel Fire Group now produce a water extinguisher that can be used on electrical fires and fat fires with a 5 year life span. Britannia now produce a plastic cased ‘self-inspection’ extinguisher with a 10 year life that can be used on electrical fires, meaning you do not have the annual cost of an engineer but the initial extinguisher cost is slightly higher.


Rentals are another option. There is no upfront cost to have all new fully commissioned equipment and all you pay is a monthly fee that includes the cost of all annual servicing. Rental agreements are available on a 3, 5 or 10 year basis.


PDP Services provide a full complement of fire safety services including fire extinguishers, fire marshal / warden training, fire risk assessments, fire safety training and fire alarms.


For a competitive quote or for further information please contact Neil at PDP Services on 01444 480444 or email Neil Pocock


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