Young Guy Needs a Manufacturer

Vivens is doing an MSc in International Human Resources at the University of Greenwich.   He has a work permit for the UK and therefore works with us at Cullen Scholefield  2 days a week.

He needs to do a dissertation for his MSc,  he has been an HR Manager in the second largest manufacturing company in Rwanda. This influenced his choice of dissertation topic.

He wants to investigate how the changing approaches to flexible working could be adapted in a manufacturing organisation.

“The purpose of this study is to explore the concept, challenges and application of the flexible working in manufacturing organisations, focusing on one Plant in the UK as a case study. This will be achieved through interviews of management and employees, as well as carrying out observations of the prevailing policy and practices in the organisation.”

He is looking for a Sussex based manufacturer to base his dissertation on.   The benefits would be careful research into this area.  It is widely known that Mid Sussex has the lowest unemployment in the country – 2.1% this has to be a major challenge for any employer and a more flexible approach to flexible working could help!   In many ways, this is a free piece of consulting and therefore an opportunity not to be missed!!


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