WSCC Consultation re Licensing of Pavement Tables & Chairs

On 28th January I received the letter below from WSCC. If you, or any business acquaintances, licence the use of tables and chairs on the pavement – street traders, cafes and restaurants in the main I presume – please note the contents below:


28 January 2020 15:08

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to you as I have you recorded as a business stakeholder on my records and if it is appropriate we would welcome your opinion. I do apologise for taking your time if none of the business or organisations you represent are not directly affected by this proposal.

As you may be aware, WSCC has implemented charges for the licensing of tables and chairs on the pavement outside businesses. This currently stands at a flat fee.

We have taken on board the comments made around the flat fee and as such, are running a consultation asking traders and key stakeholders such as yourself for their views on ‘sliding scale’ proposals, which would see charges dependent on the number of covers (a cover is usually a single chair). This is very much in line with the comments we have received.

The consultation runs from Monday 27 January to Monday 24 February. You will be able to access it via

Placing tables and chairs on pavements increases traders’ floor space, helps businesses and can significantly enhance public space. However, if not properly placed, the furniture can cause an obstruction for passers-by, including the visually impaired.

Highways officers carry out inspections to ensure the pavement is not obstructed and no damage is caused by the movement of tables and chairs on the footway. The license fee helps to cover the cost of staff time, administration and other costs.

Please encourage traders and business organisations in your area to take part in the consultation – their views are very important to us in helping ensure we have a workable system in place that suits businesses of all sizes across the county.

Please note that Horsham District Council have delegated authority to license tables and chairs in the town centre and will continue to do so, as such this charging regime does not apply to Horsham town centre licenses. As part of our partnership working we are discussing ongoing licensing arrangements with them and it is possible the proposed charging mechanism will be applied in the town centre, so we would recommend you still make any representations you believe are appropriate.

Thank you for your time on this proposal and I look forward to analysing any responses.

Kind regards

Mike Thomas

Mike Thomas

Area Manager – Worthing and Adur

Residents’ Services – Highways and Transport, West Sussex County Council

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