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Back to School and Back to Work

Ten2Two Sussex September 8th2015.

We usually think of September’s ‘Back to School’ as a frantic time for mums, kids and schools but it also represents a great opportunity for local businesses. For many women whose children are starting full-time education for the first time in September, ‘Back to School’ is a time when their attention turns to returning to work, probably part-time around school hours and in many cases with local businesses closer to home.

This represents a unique opportunity for businesses as the local workforce is expanded with hundreds more skilled, experienced part-time professionals. Research published today amongst over 150 local businesses and over 650 professionals shows our local businesses have truly embraced flexible working. The survey found 70% of businesses have offered flexible working to existing employees and 70% stated they had employed new people on flexible terms. The professionals we surveyed agreed while 33% of the respondents currently working felt their employer had become more flexible in the last year.

And they’re reaping the rewards. Over 95% of business respondents agreed that flexible working has been a benefit to their business.

Ten2Two, the local part-time and flexible recruitment specialists, is a natural destination for professionals seeking local part-time jobs and they’re getting ready for a busy time. “During the weeks after the kids have gone back to School week our website will be humming with new people registering their CVs.” Says Emma Cleary, Director at Ten2Two, Sussex. “Over 80% of people registering with Ten2Two feel ‘an employer’s positive attitude towards flexibility’ is one of the most important factors in their decision to accept a new job and our exclusive focus on flexible roles ensures we find a great match between innovative businesses and skilled part-time professionals “.

A summary of the survey, highlighting the most important characteristics of a flexible worker and the main benefits of flexible working to businesses and employees is available from Ten2Two.

About Ten2Two

Ten2Two is a specialist flexible and part-time resourcing organisation offering recruitment services to businesses in local communities. Originally established in early 2007, Ten2Two has a unique pool of talented part-time people with professional skills and experience and has worked with companies ranging from FTSE 100 businesses to new businesses seeking their first employee.

We believe part-time and flexible working works best when it’s local, amongst local businesses and local people. Ten2Two’s aim is to work within local communities to bring professionals and Businesses together, using local knowledge of the area to help part-time working work for everyone.

Ten2Two offers permanent and contract staff and can advise employers on the processes and terms and conditions surrounding flexible working formats.

About the Research

The survey was carried out in May 2015 with over 150 local business respondents, including businesses from [towns] and responses from over 650 skilled professionals.

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