Sustainability, Cost Savings AND Environmentally friendly.

Connected Energy, an award-winning battery storage company is leading an Innovate UK part funded project to deliver sustainable, environmentally friendly projects in West Sussex that will provide cost savings and new revenue streams to energy intensive businesses.

Connected Energy utilise electric vehicle batteries after they have had their first life in an electric vehicle.

The battery system will sit behind the meter (BTM) on a customers site and will provide energy bill saving at times when grid electricity is expensive (4-7pm, Mon-Fri). The battery will also provide a long term revenue stream by supporting national grid by taking additional electricity when there is too much generated (wind and solar) and reducing the site demand when there is not enough generation (no wind or solar).

The project is looking for businesses that use at least 150kW per half hourly period, 300kWh which is approximately £100,000 annual spend on electricity.

Innovate UK is providing 25% match funding which can be used to directly discount the cost of the battery system for the end user.

If you feel that you qualify and use a large amount of electricity and would like to make some savings on your bill (up to 10%) and create a new revenue stream for your business (up to an additional 10%) then please do get in contact – 07961562727

For customers who do have a large energy usage but do not have the capex to fund a project there is a fully funded offer where the funder pays for the battery storage system and installs, commissions and maintains it and the customer gains up to 5% energy bill savings year on year. The customer will also benefit from additional resilience of having a battery system on their site as the battery can reduce electricity peaks and can provide a buffer if the grid supply is lost.

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