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Does your business pay the Apprenticeship Levy? Do you have unspent funds?

Any unspent funds go straight back to the Treasury – why not help some local youngsters instead?


Once again this year the number of young people in Burgess Hill hoping to start their careers with an apprenticeship at Steve Willis Training outstrips our government funding allocation. Apprenticeship funding for non-levy payers is capped, and the government have told us that if we take on more students than we’ve been allocated, their fees won’t be paid. If we have to turn these would-be apprentices away, small businesses in our area aren’t having their skills needs met and young people aren’t getting the chance they deserve to start their careers.


The good news however is that there is no cap on the number of apprentices that levy paying businesses can fund, and they don’t even have to be their own employees. So we’re appealing to any local levy payers who have unspent funds – could you step in and help by sharing some money from your levy pot with a smaller business to fund one of our aspiring apprentices?


You’ll be helping a young person and their employer, and keeping that levy money local rather than sending it back to Whitehall! Plus you’ll be engaging with your local community and you’ll get some great PR…


To find out how you could help, come and see us – take a look at our facilities and meet some current apprentices and the training staff. We’d love to show you what we do.


For more information, contact our Marie Harris our Apprenticeships Manager – call 01444 870860 ext 232,  or email


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