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Good afternoon  BHBPA Members,

Whether it’s a perception of better prospects or a milder climate, or the dynamics of the local socio-economic culture, the city of Brighton & Hove creates/attracts a very large number of homeless people. It is estimated that on any given night there are 175 people sleeping rough in the city, and it is a fact that each year around 15 or more will die, mainly over the winter when the temperature drops.


A couple of years ago Sutton Winson decided to try and do something about this. We started with talking to, and ultimately working with a local charity, Off The Fence which have supported homeless people in the city for many years  We’ve helped them in a number of ways, but most significantly we fund raised to purchase a donor high top van  that was converted into a mobile shower unit to operate alongside an existing mobile laundry, all to help the charity keep people clean and dry


We’ve also raised funds to buy 330 waterproof sleeping bags that Off The Fence will be distributing this autumn, but our next challenge is to raise sufficient funds to help buy a mobile hot food & drinks dispensing vehicle, which is our biggest project yet. To get that project started I along with my colleagues Lauren Sullivan, Jeanette Collinson and Zowie Brown have volunteered to sleep rough on 9th November 2019 for our charity Off The Fence.


We are trying to raise at least £10,000 ( ideally £15,000) so if you feel you can help us achieve that goal then please follow the link below and kindly donate anything you can to the cause. Please also share with your employers, family, friends and contacts as every £1 is important.


Many thanks.


David Thomson Managing Director 

Sutton Winson Ltd | Chartered Insurance Brokers & Risk Managers

Greenacre Court, Station Road, Burgess Hill RH15 9DS

Direct: 01444 251155 Mobile: 07711 741963

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