Recycle your paper

We are all conscious of the environment and what is happening with our waste and you’ll have noticed that the same concerns are now being run throughout our businesses.

Did you know it takes 70% less energy to recycle paper than it does to make it new from raw materials so we must stop throwing it away with the general waste. Since January Shredded Neat, who are your innovative paper and cardboard environmental recycler located on Ditchling Common, have recycled an impressive 850 tons of paper, cardboard and clear plastics generated from local businesses across Sussex. They are sending a full artic lorry load of paper and cardboard to the paper mill every week, turning your waste paper back into tissue rather then it sitting in landfill across the world.

What is still shocking is that the UK are only recycling 3% more waste than we did in 2010. Despite our efforts, we all must try harder.

Have a quick look around, in your office are you recycling all of your waste paper? Can you see your recycling bins and are they easily accessible? Can you do more to improve these figures?

Shredded Neat have an expert team who can help you make small changes to your office to improve waste management and recycling. Get in touch with them today on 01444682042.

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