Parking Issues on VBP

This week I had this email from Lorraine Avery at Bluelite Graphics, who is a staunch BHBPA supporter and long standing business owner. We have discussed the problems of traffic and parking many times. We all agree that there is no easy solution.


Had to send you over this photos that were taken today.  They show a large lorry trying to get into Travis Perkins, how this company is still in the Business Park is amazing!!.  You will see that he had to go in frontwards as there was no other option.


There are cars parked straddling pavements opposite and a van that was parked just up from TP.  The traffic was building up from both sides, again not the fault of the driver or the company.


As a company owner within  the Industrial Park I come across big lorries who are the ones that keep us going with deliveries, having their job made so much more difficult by the minority that think they can park anywhere with no consequences.

I have cc Travis Perkins in this,  as on this occasion a passenger in my car could take photos.  I know people have to park somewhere but there must be a middle ground and you know we have complained about the cars parked on the corner before the crossroads.  Sometimes the main routes into the park are jammed but no fault should lay with the delivery vehicles.


All I ask, is that when you go around the Business Park be very mindful of parked cars and what obstructions they can cause.


Kind regards



Bluelite Graphics Ltd

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