New Youth Initiative

As I understand the situation, some local women have noticed that there is now a paucity of provision for young people in Burgess Hill since Park Centre Youth Club folded some years ago.

Concerned citizens have banded together to try to restart the youth facility and have now, after much hard work, got the green light from WSCC to begin the task.  This is what one of the women, Alix Cox, sent to me this week …

“Lots has happened over the last 6 months, one being my involvement with setting up a Youth Club at Park Center.

We received confirmation we could go ahead from WSCC last Friday so now we need to put our ideas into action.

As you know I have a passion for our community and was hoping we could get the business district involved.

We are working out the basics of what, but maybe a chef could do a talk about healthy foods, a gym trainer about exercise or a painter and decorator talk to them about their business, just something to maybe steer children on a different path and being outside of the school community, hoping they will listen.

This is born out of the loss of Elido and our children not having anywhere to go and their teachers being the only other adult that may interact with them.

What are your thoughts?

Sorry, it is a little vague, but it is all hands on deck. We have a meeting on Wednesday evening to put a plan in place as everything has been hypothetical till now…

Please do let me know if this is a route we could take and if you are interested to know more. Of course, I completely understand if you feel it is something the business community do not want to get involved in.

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