New Year Resolutions from Ten2Two

Here at Ten2Two Sussex we can’t believe that Christmas is behind us (only 350+ more days to go!).  So New Year, New Start, New Business?  Here’s some New Year Resolutions for your business to kick-start the year with fresh eyes…


  1. Keep your staff happy

January is one of the worst months for absenteeism and the cost to business is huge with stress continuing to be an on-going problem.  Ok, so you could add gym membership to your employee benefits but how much easier would it be to offer flexible working for your employees?  By focusing on output rather than hours at a desk, UK businesses will begin to reap the rewards that countries like Sweden are already enjoying.


  1. Protect yourself from cyber crime

It’s possible that the biggest threat to your business in the New Year will be cyber criminals.  In fact, it’s said that 74% of small organisations have reported a security breach in the last twelve months according to a government survey. There are simple steps you can take to protect yourself,  e.g. don’t let contract workers use private laptops, regularly change passwords and ensure software is always up to date.


If you haven’t already, perhaps this will be the year to implement a solid company IT policy for your business. We can help you find flexible resourcing to provide temporary or part-time IT support for your business if you need it.


  1. Review your induction policy

Do you have a good induction policy?  It can be the difference between a good hire and a great hire.  If you make an employee feel welcome and help them to settle in by providing clear objectives and training in addition to an understanding of internal processes and company policies, staff can get on with becoming productive quickly.  And whilst you’re at it why not consider how you approach your recruitment. Do you have a company policy? When did you review it last?  Does it account for new ways to recruit – for example flexible resourcing? It’s been identified as a key way of helping to close the UK’s gender gap.


  1. Expand your mind

Are you a member of an affiliated body for your industry?  It pays to be in the know about best practice policy or changes within your working world. By subscribing to industry bodies, you can ensure you’re ahead of the curve, whilst keeping fresh and on top of new ideas. You might also want to join an organisation that can help you get the best from your staff, like CIPD.


  1. Be certain in uncertain times

One thing is clear though, many businesses are still hiring in great numbers – for example, McDonalds is moving its headquarters to London from Luxembourg. Plus businesses like Facebook and Apple are expanding in London in the new year – so the UK is still a major player and ready to march into 2017, come what may.


So consider the above and consider using Ten2Two Sussex to start hiring your flexible staff for 2017.  We have the largest pool of flexible professionals in your area and what is more, there’s no need to spend days sifting through hundreds of CVs or arrange interviews.  We’ll do all that and more for you.


Let us support you every step of the way by contacting Emma Cleary on 07810 541599 or to talk through your requirements or arrange for us to call in and see you.


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