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Did you know there’s a new type of fire extinguisher?


The P50 fire extinguisher is an alternative to the standard and traditionally used extinguisher. It has a 10 year life AND is a self-inspect extinguisher. This means it can easily be visually inspected by a member of your staff (following the manufacturer’s simple instructions) making this extinguisher an attractive alternative. This visual inspection is recorded on the back of the extinguisher and in your Fire Log Book.


The P50 is a plastic extinguisher but don’t let that put you off. The inner plastic cylinder has an Aramid fibre wrapping. Aramid is one of the toughest composite materials known to man and is durable enough to be used in applications as diverse as bulletproof vests, fireproof gloves and tow ropes to name a few. The cylinders have undergone extensive testing including a comprehensive 12,000 cycle pressure test as well as a safety test where the recommended pressure tolerance is exceeded by more than double the working pressure of the extinguisher.


The inner cylinder is protected by an outer plastic shell and has been rigorously tested to ensure that it provides durability in even the most hostile environments. The shell is UV resistant, fire resistant and corrosion-proof therefore the extinguisher is protected against scratching, chipping and rusting – eliminating some of the most common reasons for standard extinguishers to be condemned.


If that’s not enough, the valve assembly is marine brass and has been nickel plated for longevity and is fitted with 2 pressure gauges that are easily tested with a magnet (supplied by manufacturer and stored neatly in the base). The hose is anti-kink and secured with stainless steel fixings, as are the handles and pins.


You can use the P50 Foam on electrical products up to 1,000 volts as well as liquid fires (such as petrol and diesel) and solid fires (such as wood and paper).


As the P50 is a self-inspect extinguisher you do not have to have a service engineer visit every year and thus saving you money. PDP Services will train a member of your staff on how to carry out an annual inspection and record this when we install the P50 extinguisher.


For a competitive quote or for further information please contact Neil at PDP Services on 01444 480444 or email Neil Pocock


PDP Services provide a full complement of fire safety services including fire extinguishers, fire marshal / warden training, fire risk assessments, fire safety training and fire alarms.

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