MSDC Economic Strategy Discussions

If interested you should have a look at the details here of the visions, themes and discussions about economic strategy on the part of MSDC.  You are invited to make comments about these details if you so wish …

The other document is too large to send out with this newsletter, but you can see that presentation or add your thoughts by contacting or .  These are issues which directly affect business in Mid Sussex. A small number of us went to the presentation two weeks ago and gave them our views and opinions.


Draft Vision and Priority Themes


Suggested vision


“Mid Sussex: an attractive place for businesses and people to grow and succeed.”


Priority Themes


The Priority Themes underpinning the Vision focus on places, premises, people and promotion:



  • Ensuring that Mid Sussex attracts inward investment and deliver growth by providing the best environment for running a business through:


  • Improving the three town centres to meet the retail, leisure and employment needs of the growing population building on the centres distinctive and complementary offers;
  • Ensuring village centres provide the range of facilities to meet local needs;
  • Supporting improvements to the business parks to ensure that they provide an attractive environment which encourages retention and relocation of businesses;
  • Delivering a mix of housing types and tenure to allow employees to live near their place of work;
  • Working with partners to secure improvements to infrastructure which ensure excellent strategic accessibility and which enables efficient movement to and around the District;
  • Providing high quality digital infrastructure. In particular the extension of high speed broadband to support the development and growth of rural businesses; and
  • Protecting and enhancing the District’s built and natural environment.


  • Ensuring a mix of premises is available to encourage entrepreneurship, incubation, retention and relocation of businesses to Mid Sussex by:


  • Facilitating the supply of quality industrial and office space to meet demand across the District;
  • Supporting the development of centres of excellence and clusters of specialist industries (including tourism);
  • Supporting the development of hotel and conference facilities to meet the needs of visitors business community (and support the tourist industry); and
  • Ensuring the sufficient supply of quality retail space to meet demand across the District and to support opportunities to diversify the offer of the centres.


  • Ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to benefit from economic growth by:


  • Enabling our residents to have access to opportunities to develop the skills, including in the STEM subjects, they need to succeed
  • Working with education and training providers to ensure they are aware of the skills required to access jobs in the growing employment sectors;
  • Securing a higher educational presence in the District;
  • Delivering sufficient apprenticeships to meet demand;
  • Providing a supportive framework to encourage business start-ups; and
  • Providing business to business networking opportunities.



  • Ensure the continued economic success of Mid Sussex the Council by pro-actively marketing the District’s competitive advantages and offer.



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