Mentoring Support for local Young People

Positive Placements is a mentoring project led by the YMCA DownsLink Group and now there’s a new coordinator, Tash Morris.

Positive Placements  reaches out to young people aged 16-25 years to help move them into employment, education or training. We work with young people who, through no fault of their own,  may need extra support in their lives. A mentor can become a stable part of that young person’s life to walk alongside them and support them in the choices they make.

Mentors and mentees meet for approximately 1 hour a week to look at the mentees ambitions, dreams and together set realistic goals for the future, looking at steps for how to achieve them.

Young people have fed back feeling more confident and ready for the work place by working alongside a mentor. For example, here’s some feedback from previous mentees:

“Ever since meeting my Positive Placements mentor, it has given me an outlook on life that I  previously thought I couldn’t achieve.’

“I had no one to talk to before, my mentor is a good person, they care about me, not judge me – before I used to look back on my life with remorse – now, I just think everyone makes mistakes and I can move forward’”.

Having been a volunteer herself, Tash has seen the positive outcomes the project has on young people’s lives. She says ‘’Volunteering with the YMCA added value to my life in a way other work hasn’t. Being that stable person in someone’s life to help them reach their potential is a great feeling. Watching someone grow in confidence and open up is amazing. I’m so pleased and excited to now be co-ordinating the project in Mid Sussex, my local community’’

Positive Placements are looking for volunteer mentors who have 1-2 hours spare per week and are able to commit to mentoring a young person for at least 6 months. Full training and ongoing support is offered, and all volunteers will need to undergo a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check that we will paid for by the project.

Potential volunteers should contact for more information.  No particular experience is needed but a passion to support a young person to make positive choices in their life, patience and a sense of humour are all welcome.

Referrals for young people aged 16-25 are now open. We can take self – referrals as well as referrals from parents, carers and professionals.

The project is also looking for local businesses that are able to offer work experience, apprenticeship or employment opportunities to young people. Positive Placements would offer full support to the businesses in setting up the apprenticeships.

Positive Placements are following government advice at all times, this may mean that some mentoring is done virtually or over the phone where it is not possible to meet face to face.

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