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Haywards Heath, West Sussex, United Kingdom RH175GW

SharedAim Ltd is an international consultancy that specialises in creating human experiences that will make your business stand out.

As Maya Angelou famously observed:
‘People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel’.

This insightful quote reveals a fundamental, but usually overlooked, truth about successful organisations. That, however good your products or services are, they will only take you so far, and smart companies invest in creating a good impression and memories, by design.

And when companies understand how to make customers, employees, and other stakeholders feel good, the results can be quite extraordinary.

As is often said, business is essentially humans serving humans.

Unfortunately, it is very easy to lose sight of this and become distracted by regulations, processes, structures, technology, and all the other things that tend to make us focus on the tasks and functions, rather than people. And yet they are often the most important variable in any organisation.

At SharedAim, we use our unique Always Human® principles to create authentic and meaningful experiences and interactions. We are able to do this because we understand that people are never just a customer, employee, patient, student, etc. Neither is there a single, unchanging, and predictable version of someone. Instead, we recognise that constantly changing contexts and circumstances mean humans are gloriously complex, variable, and often hard to predict.

And because of our innovative Always Human® approach, SharedAim helps you unlock new insights that will create a competitive advantage.

We do this by helping you to:

• Create the right human experience strategy for your company.
• Bring a new perspective to difficult problems.
• Understand the (often hidden) human influences that may lead to lower-than-expected performance, outcomes, or return on investment.
Our human perspective can provide new solutions and opportunities in almost every area of business, including:

• Employee recruitment, retention, remote working, and retirement/leaving.
• Customer experience.
• Where regulations, processes, or technology (automation/self-service) risk dehumanising your brand.
• Critical organisational programmes such as scaling, transformation, or when undertaking projects.
• Collaborations and partnerships.

If you found yourself nodding in agreement at any stage whilst reading this, please get in touch to arrange a free 30-minute (or 60 for BHBPA members) call or, preferably chat and coffee.

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