Meeting BIO Productions

I recently met with Angela Gill and Sara Gibb of BIO Productions at their 72 Victoria Road facility. Angela and the team are stalwarts of the BHBPA and when asked what they like about the Association the key positive qualities are: not being overly intrusive or bombarded with emails, and that being in the BHBPA feels like being in a community rather than ‘typical’ business networking.

When asked what more they’d like to get from the BHBPA experience, the idea of some new connections to potential customers was a nice to have, and in the case of BIO Productions that’s Janitorial Services providers. Another notion was rather our events appealing to say just a general business audience, perhaps more specialist interest groups would appeal to a wider audience.

As with many people on our business parks the big problem area is the road congestion and parking. In particular, as the residential space has encroached deeper into the Victoria Park, having access and the necessary swing space for large lorries to get to the BIO Productions delivery bays is a problem. That said BIO have no plans to leave the estate whatsoever and will continue to be a mainstay of our Association. Indeed, a tour of their facilities and an overview presentation of the business is in the planning for later in the year.

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