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We all need a coach sometimes…

I got into coaching back in 2006 after someone encouraged me to read ‘Coaching for Performance’ by Sir John Whitmore. ‘Wow’ I thought, ‘this is the missing piece in my leadership skillset’, and so persuaded was I by Whitmore that later that year I signed up to an MSc course in Coaching & Development.

If you want to be a more effective leader, coaching is an incredibly useful skill. Virtually everyone can benefit from having a coach at some stage in their professional life – that’s why so many senior executives do! Coaching is one of those words which most of us think we know what it means yet often people don’t. Sometimes it’s easier to say what it isn’t! It’s not consultancy, nor counselling nor therapy. It’s not even mentoring or advising, which many people confuse coaching with. Rather, coaching is about learning and when done well it combines a certain attitude or belief in the potential of people to find the solutions that are best for them with a specific set of skills, including asking effective questions and listening with great care and attention.

These days there are coaches specialising in all sorts of arenas: life coaches; sports coaches & career coaches to name but three. At Martyn Carr Coaching our passion is inspiring leaders to grow. For me it’s about current leaders e.g. Business Owners, Executives and their leadership teams, and would-be leaders – the people who either want, or their organisation’s want, to grow in order to take on greater responsibilities.

Professionally I have always viewed myself as a student of management and leadership. Over the course of a 30+ year career, I have tackled a wide range of management disciplines. From production buyer, on to IT analyst programmer and project management, to credit management across into business operations plus a stint in new product development before returning to leadership roles in IT and consulting. I have worked for some major brands that include American Express, Legal & General, Thomas Cook, Sainsburys and EMI plus not-for-profit organisations too.

I have lived in Burgess Hill for about 25 years, and I am now focused on ‘Martyn Carr Coaching’ which I believe passes the Ronseal test of doing what is says on the tin. I am keen to work with local businesses to help current and next generation leaders become more effective through coaching. So if you want to know more about how coaching can support you or your leaders please get in touch via the web site for an introductory chat.


I am very pleased to have joined BHBPA. Many thanks to Peter Liddell for explaining how the association operates and I look forward to meeting the members in the coming weeks and months.


Martyn Carr



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