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Dear Peter,


I wonder if the BHPA and its members would find it useful to understand how the University of Chichester works with and supports employers to develop their businesses particularly around the people area.


I’m based at the University of Chichester’s Business School in Bognor Regis where I regularly work with a range of business organisations across West Sussex to support them in the development of their employees at all levels.  My focus is to understand and appreciate the employers’ skills needs and priorities over the short, medium and long-term and then identify how we might work together to tackle them.


As an example, the Business School offers Degree Apprenticeship programmes in particular Digital Marketing, Software Engineering, Cyber Security, Chartered Management and a two-year MBA. These programmes combine full-time employment and study. The Degree Apprentice is employed full-time (can be an existing employee or new entrant) and released by the employer to study at the University on a one day per week basis over a four year period. The aim is to ensure that Degree Apprentices graduate with the skills and work experience that employers need by exposing them to a mix of academic learning and on-the-job training. I’ve attached some summaries of these programmes for background.


The Business School has been around for approximately 20 years and we have been running the management, software engineering and marketing Degree Apprenticeships for over three years and feedback from both employers and students has been highly positive. Many employers are using it to a) develop their own internal talent or b) create a “pipeline” of new talent into their businesses. I’ve attached a summary of our activities as background.


The University also runs student placements where a third year student works with a company for between 4-10 weeks on a specific project such as marketing, event management  or IT as part of the degree programme. Additionally, we work closely with employers if they wish to offer specific projects or presentations which helps to raise the company’s profile within the University and helps with identification of potential future new entrants.


Finally, the University’s Business School designs tailored management development programmes to suit the needs and objectives of different organisations. We have experience of working with all types of companies in a range of sectors to help drive up the level of their management and leadership skills. We can also help design organisational management structures, performance appraisal systems and generally take an independent look at the company from an organisational development perspective.


I would be really interested to understand better the work of the BHPA and members’ skills priorities, recruitment and general development needs. The University is not a member of the Association so I would be interested to discuss this aspect. I wondered if you or one of your colleagues would like to meet for an initial exploratory discussion perhaps towards end March?.   I live in Horsham so it would be no problem for me to come to you.


Thank you very much and hope to hear from you soon.


Kind regards


Andrew Adams, Business Development Manager

University of Chichester Enterprise Services

Upper Bognor Road

Bognor Regis

West Sussex


Mob: 07823 791600



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