Letter re ‘Jump In’ Parking issues

Good afternoon Councillor,


I am writing on behalf of Consort Frozen Foods.


We are a well established company in Burgess Hill (32 years) occupying a unit on Consort Way, Victoria Business Park, Burgess Hill.


About a year or so ago, a unit became vacant on Jubilee Road due to the demise of the Icon company. This unit has subsequently been occupied by a company called Jump In, a soft play centre for children. Although the play centre has a large car park this is not adequate and during the school holiday periods, the parents of the children attending the centre park wherever they can, on all adjoining roads, including Consort Way and Jubilee Road.


Cars are being parked on both sides of the road (we appreciate that some cars belong to staff members of local businesses) thus causing major disruption. We are aware that Newman Thompson, a company that occupies a large unit on Jubilee Road have in fact erected signs asking for cars not to be parked outside their premises as articulated lorries cannot manoeuvre/reverse into their yard.


We have on numerous occasions witnessed the chaos this parking causes for local businesses as large lorries are unable to drive round the corner that adjoins Consort Way to Jubilee Road.

I am attaching some photos of the situation today. Our transport manager is often having to marshal lorries in and around parked cars and we are sure that there have been occasions when an emergency vehicle would not be able to proceed due to the erratic parking of cars.


Today I spoke to the highways department of West Sussex County Council and they advised me that: (1) if cars are parked on the pavement in such a way as to obstruct pushchairs/buggies, wheelchairs and disabled motorised chairs we could inform the police as this is an offence (we will be taking such action if we feel it necessary) and (2) in order for any permanent measures to be taken, such as double yellow lines being established we need to contact our local councillor for this area, thus my email to you. We understand that should you agree with our view of matters you could initiate a Traffic Regulation Order.


As members of the Burgess Hill Business Parks Association we will be emailing them in order to bring this matter to their attention.


We would welcome a visit from you to discuss this further.


Yours sincerely,


Andrew Rewell


Andrew Rewell

Operations Manager

Consort Frozen Foods Ltd

01444 620382


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