Letter from Liam Fox re Exports

The Rt Hon Liam Fox MP
Department for International Trade
King Charles Street
+44 (0) 20 7215 5000

14 November 2016
Dear Colleague,
Help your local businesses export abroad
We know how significant exporting is to the success of British business and local economies. Businesses that export are more profitable, have greater productivity and are more financially secure. Exporting contributes to local economies by growing businesses and creating jobs and prosperity.
However, only 11% of UK businesses export and only 6-7% of UK exporters target high growth economies such as India and China. We believe that many businesses have a product or service that could be exported, but mistakenly don’t believe there is the demand. Too often, businesses are unsure of how to get started exporting or take the next step onto the global marketplace.
We know the demand is out there and British businesses should be too.
With the launch of GREAT.gov.uk they can be. The website, which goes live today in public beta, matches supply and demand, puts power in the hands of businesses to start exporting or attract investors, and makes doing business abroad as attractive as it is to do business at home. Once registered, companies can promote their goods and services to international buyers, search hundreds of export opportunities and access preferential deals that we have negotiated with online marketplaces. We want the site to be the first place businesses think of when they consider business abroad, acting as an aggregator for the complex exporting market by also signposting to other sources of advice.
We have developed a Toolkit, especially designed for MPs, to help you promote exporting in your constituencies. As influential leaders who play an important role in generating a positive change in attitudes towards doing business overseas, we hope you use the information in the toolkit to help you inspire local companies. In particular, do please encourage businesses in your constituency to register as exporters now, in advance of international promotion in the New Year.
Meanwhile, DIT’s trade teams are identifying companies in your area who would be happy to talk about the new digital products and the benefits they can bring to companies looking to start exporting or to grow their exports.
Please make contact with your regional trade team to find out more or to be linked to local
businesses, potential exporters or existing networking and business growth events. Links to
their contacts are on the back page of the toolkit.
I wish your constituents the best of luck in taking up the exporting opportunity.
Yours sincerely
Secretary of State, Department for International Trade
& President of the Board of Trade

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