Learning at Work Week

This week is Learning at Work Week! It’s a national campaign which aims to put a spotlight on the importance and benefits of continual learning and development.

Encourage the extension of opportunities to learn, to all employees, especially those who may not currently participate in learning.

Every Employee could be a Learner

Rewards Training is here to offer advice and guidance on work-based qualifications. We offer a broad spectrum of learning options from short courses and online learning, to major career building apprenticeships.

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Specialised Sector Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships ensure that your employees have the practical skills and qualifications your business needs now and for the future. The qualifications are split into units allowing you to pick and choose how to specifically tailor the qualification to meet both your business requirements and the employees specific areas of development.

Business and Management Sector

Hospitality Sector

Health and Social Care Sector

Contact us on 01293 224 225     sales@rewardstraining.co.uk

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