Leap in Front Again

Incredibly, unbelievably, Leap Environmental won the BHBPA Quiz Award for the third consecutive time earlier this week.  This bunch of likeable, modest, unassuming eggheads needs to be taken down a peg or two, and soon. They will quickly be getting too big for their fieldwork boots as they gaze down upon us lesser mortals who don’t even know the difference between the writings of Homer and Virgil, who can’t even remember which Little Women daughter died first and can barely list in detail those present at Alice in Wonderland’s tea party. Not that I’m at all bitter about it, you understand. But seriously, that is some achievement to win it three times running, and well done to them!

We all gathered at the Woolpack on Tuesday evening, sixteen teams arriving for starters orders after a couple of late withdrawals and a merger. I ate at the pub and I have to say it was delicious; I can recommend the food so do go and try it. It was with some optimism that we set out on the quiz with John from Press Start 2 Join asking the questions. I had managed to put together some fine minds, I thought, for the BHBPA Select team, as I like to call it, including reliable regulars with a thirst for winning (and a few pints of Adnams) and a newcomer in Mark Shearring, who actually did provide some answers.

By the halfway stage our hopes were sinking and nerves beginning to fray as we kept dropping silly points, confusing Cyndi Lauper with Queen and most of all backing the wrong horse each time in the daft audience participation efforts.

By the time the quiz finished at around 10.15, we had suffered the humiliation of losing 16 points in the final disastrous round, the skipper was talking resignation and tempers were rising to dangerous levels. Fortunately, Dave Farmer managed to rescue the rapidly degenerating situation by getting a round in and reminding people that it is supposed to be only a bit of fun. Fortunately I don’t think anyone noticed that we had three ex teachers in the team, although James Newbery was no doubt certain that that was where the blame lay. In truth, there was probably a tad too much laughter and fun going on for us to be serious contenders.

It was indeed a terrific evening, as a result of which we were able to raise over £500 for St Peter & St James Hospice. Fiona from SPSJ worked the raffle and seemed pleased with the haul. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did. Thanks go to Lance and Dee at the pub for hosting it, their staff for efficient work all through the evening, John for his quizmastering, Bio for the raffle prizes and all those people and companies who came along to support the cause.

As a matter of interest only to those who take it seriously, the contest winners were :-

  • 1st    Leap Environmental
  • 2nd   Karen Harris Squad (We thought it was Speed Dating)
  • 3rd    Sutton Winson  (Wratton’s Wasters)
  • 4th    Bennett Oakley A (Legal Eagles)
  • 5th    Hilton Sharp & Clarke
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